A Roadmap to Higher Nursing Salary – Power of Professional Organizations

5 Nursing Organization you should join

Written By: Meg Sanah

Did you know that nurses who belong to professional organizations earn an average of $8,000 more annually than nurses who don’t?

Joining and actively participating in nursing professional organizations provides numerous benefits that can help advance your nursing career and increase your earning potential. This article will examine the many advantages of membership and spotlight five top organizations that can directly impact your salary.

The Power of Nursing Professional Organizations

Nursing professional organizations are associations that unite nurses working in specialized areas or sharing common interests. These groups are vital in providing education, advocacy, networking opportunities, career development resources, and more. By bringing nurses together and giving them a collective voice, organizations aim to promote excellence in nursing practice and improve nurses’ experience in the workplace.

Membership gives you access to a wealth of resources and connections that aren’t available to nurses who don’t belong to these groups. Making the most of organizational membership can have a profoundly positive influence on your nursing path.

Exploring 3 Benefits that unlock value

The return on investment, money and time you spend, is driven by these 3 things :

Access to Continuing Education and Professional Development

One of the primary perks of being a member of nursing professional organizations is access to many continuing education opportunities. You can stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in nursing practices, technologies, and research through webinars, workshops, and conferences. Moreover, these organizations often offer specialized training opportunities and certifications that can set you apart in the job market.

Networking and Career Opportunities

Joining nursing professional organizations opens doors to valuable networking opportunities. By connecting with fellow nurses and healthcare professionals, you can build a robust support system, exchange knowledge, and even discover potential career opportunities. Many organizations also host job boards and career fairs to help members find their dream jobs.

Advocacy and Influence

Nursing organizations represent nurses’ interests and influence healthcare policies and legislation. As a member, you become part of the collective voice advocating for improvements in nursing standards, working conditions, and patient care. Your involvement can have a significant impact on shaping the future of the nursing profession.

The Impact of Membership on Salary Advancement

One of the most alluring benefits of membership is the potential for meaningful salary increases over time. Here’s how professional organizations can set you up for earning more:

  • Salary surveys and data nursing organizations offer key insights for salary negotiations. You’ll know what compensation to aim for.
  • Active participation strengthens your resume and brings opportunities to gain skills, leadership experience, awards, and other career advances.
  • The resources and connections available through nursing organizations empower you to take the following steps to boost your earning ability.

Top 5 Nursing Professional Organizations for Salary Advancement

1. American Nurses Association (ANA)

ANA’s Commitment to Nurses’ Professional Development –The ANA is a powerhouse in the nursing community, providing many resources to boost your professional development. From webinars and workshops to scholarly publications, they ensure you stay informed and equipped with the latest knowledge.

Salary Negotiation Tips and Resources – ANA offers valuable salary negotiation tips and resources to help you assert your worth and advocate for fair compensation.

ANA’s Career Center and Job Listings – The ANA’s career center is a treasure trove of job listings and career resources, making it an essential tool for advancing your nursing career.

2. National League for Nursing (NLN)

NLN’s Focus on Advancing Nursing Education and Leadership – The NLN strongly emphasizes advancing nursing education and nurturing leadership skills. As a member, you can access scholarships and grants for continuing education, elevating your expertise and earning potential.

Scholarships and Grants for Continuing Education – The NLN’s commitment to empowering nurses through education is evident in its various scholarships and grants to support your academic pursuits.

NLN’s Impact on Nursing Policies and Workforce Development – NLN actively shapes nursing policies and workforce development, advocating for improved compensation and working conditions.

3. American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN)

AACN’s Resources for Critical-Care Nurses’ Career Growth – AACN focuses on critical-care nursing excellence, providing resources that cater to the needs of critical-care nurses looking to advance their careers.

Salary-Related Webinars and Workshops – As a member of AACN, you gain access to salary-related webinars and workshops, equipping you with valuable knowledge for salary negotiation.

AACN’s Influence on Critical-Care Nursing Standards – Being part of AACN allows you to contribute to and benefit from the standards they set for critical-care nursing, which can positively impact your professional trajectory.

4.Emergency Nurses Association (ENA)

ENA’s Dedication to Emergency Nursing Education and Training – ENA provides high-quality education and training for emergency nurses, which can significantly enhance your skills and employability.

Career Advancement Opportunities in Emergency Nursing – ENA’s focus on career advancement means they regularly share job opportunities and offer guidance to help you climb the ladder in emergency nursing.

ENA’s Advocacy Efforts for Emergency Nurses’ Salaries – ENA advocates tirelessly for fair salaries for emergency nurses, amplifying your voice in advocating for better compensation.

5.Association of Peri-Operative Registered Nurses (AORN)

AORN’s Focus Nursing Excellence – AORN prioritizes nursing excellence and offers numerous resources to help you excel in this specialized field.

Salary-Related Resources for Nurses – As a member, you gain access to salary-related resources tailored for nurses, aiding in your pursuit of a higher income.

AORN’s Impact on Nursing Standards and Compensation – Your membership in AORN allows you to contribute to shaping the standards for nursing and influencing fair compensation practices.  

Making the Most of Membership Benefits

To fully leverage the benefits of nursing professional organizations, consider the following strategies:

Attend conferences and events regularly to expand your knowledge and network.
Seek out leadership positions within the organizations to enhance your profile.
Apply for awards and recognitions offered by these organizations to bolster your CV.
Leverage networking opportunities to forge valuable connections within the industry.
Regularly check job boards offered by the organizations to explore new career possibilities.

Take Action

Now that you are well-versed in the substantial benefits of nursing professional organizations, it’s time to take action. Joining and actively participating in these organizations can significantly impact your career trajectory and lead to salary advancements you never thought possible. Embrace the power of belonging and take your nursing journey to new heights. Seize the opportunity to join one of these organizations today and let your nursing career soar!